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WSV3 Map Styles







WSI-0011 | Custom Palette

How to install map styles

1. Find and download (preferably to the desktop) the zip file of the map style you would like to use.
2. Extract the zip file (preferably to the desktop), which will include a .wsv3map file.
3. Open the settings window in WSV3 (Ctrl-O).
4. Navigate to the Data/Downloading tab and click Open program data folder.
5. Drag and drop the .wsv3map file (in which you downloaded to your desktop) into the map_styles folder.
6. Close and reopen WSV3.
7. Click on the Map Styles button at the top of the program (You should now see the new style you downloaded)
8. Double-click the style to apply it.
*OR you can skip 3-4 by placing the .wsv3map file manually into the C:\Users\PC-Name\AppData\Roaming\WSV3\map_styles